Grubbing about.

Posted by Steve Jan 15, 2010

Do you find that most people like to hang out in the kitchen when they visit someone's place? Do you think its the food or do we just like nesting in and surrounding ourselfs with electricity and appiances?

Either way, here are some of my opinions on food.

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Does the web site look like it is still under construction?

Posted by Steve Jul./21

Arrggg. Man, does this typin' crap take a long time. I suppose it does not help that I have too many projects on the go, the days seem to be getting shorter, and ...

The North American Diet

Wow people.

Eat some raw food and quit over cooking the rest of it. Quit eating so much of it, unless you are physically/mentally active enough to burn of the fuel. Stop using the friggin' microwave. Stay out of the middle isles at the grocery store.

If nothing elso, eat some friendly bacteria and food enzymes.

ENZYMES: do everything!